W-521 - Wheat Harvest Operations
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Wheat Combining Team - W-521-1a
E.C. Rogers Combing Operation - W-521-2a
Harvest Crew - W-522-3b
Header Operation - W-521-6
Sacked Wheat to Transport - W-521-7a
Wheat Combining Operation - W-521-9
Wheat Reaper - W-521-15
Wheat Harvest Operation - W-521-8
Wheat Harvest operation - W-521-11
Steam-powered Wheat Harvest Operation - W-521-14
Leslie Wheat Combining Operation - W-521-21
R.B.Estes Wheat Combining Operation - W-521-23 - O.G. Allen photog
Wheat Combining Operation - W-521-20 - O.G. Allen photog
Staggs-Coffman-Winn Co Wheat Threshing Operation - W-521-22