W-503 - Weston Brickyard
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Workers at the Weston Brickyard - 1898 - W-503-1
Weston Brickyard Employees - W-503-2
Weston Brickyard Employees - W-503-3
Workers Mixing Clay - 1898 - W-503-4
Drying Clay Bricks - 1898 - W-503-6
Workers Loading Kiln - 1898 - W-503-7
Stacking Bricks - W-503-8
Brick Carrier - W-503-9
1914 Weston Leader Ad - W-800-20
1917 Weston Leader Ad - W-800-32
        Brick making at Weston dates back to Civil War days. However, in 1879, H.B. Nelson started a new brickyard and bricks were furnished to Walla Walla and Pendleton. In 1897 there were 280,000 bricks fired in the kiln.
       Pink Harbour and Ed Towery, father of Jess Towery, later operated it until its closing in the early 1930s. Located where the Weston Grain Growers Oil and Gas distributing plant was situated, the brickyard did a thriving business for more than 50 years.