W-231-2 - Toll Gate
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David J. Woodward's Homestead at Toll Gate - W-231-1a
David Woodward's Toll Gate - W-231-2
       In 1875, David Woodward and several men from Summerville, formed the Summerville and Walla Walla Road Co., built a fence and hung a gate across the road near the headwaters of Lookinglass Creek, about a mile east of the summit of the Blue Mountains. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Woodward purchased full ownership and became sole owner and operator of the toll gate. Toll was charged at the rate of $1.00 per team and wagon, $1.50 for 4-horse teams, and 25 cents per saddle horse. Charges were made for cattle and sheep by the head. In return for the toll receipts, the mountain road was kept passable except during the winter when the deep snows made travel impossible.
Mobile Gas Station on the Toll Gate Highway 204 - W-614-2b
The Toll Gate Highway in Winter - W-231-3