W-130-12 - State Normal School
State Normal School - ca 1900

       The Weston Academy building, established by the Methodist Church in 1878, was acquired by the State of Oregon in 1885 to become the Weston Normal School. The term ‘normal school’ was applied to schools dedicated to teacher education. The campus included the main school building along with a ladies dormotory and dining hall. Due to lack of funding, the state closed the normal school in Weston in 1909. Subsequant petitions for tax levies to fund the school failed, and the building was demolished, then became the site of the Weston High School in 1929.

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W-130-4 - State Normal School and Girl's Dorm - ca 1902
Margaret Sutherland
Weston Librarian - 1955-1995
W-130-3a - Girl's Dorm - ca 1900
W-130-15 - State Normal Campus Grounds
W-130-14 - Girl's Dorm & Dining Hall
W-130-4 - State Normal Chapel
W-130-2 - Teaching Primary Grades
W-130-3 - Teaching Primary Grades
W-130-13 - State Normal School
W-130-2b - State Normal School
W-130-1 - State Normal School
W-130-16 - State Normal School Staff and Students - ca 1902
W-131-05 - State Normal Assembly Hall - 1897
W-320-15 - F.J. Van Winkle
EOSNS Math Professor