W-111-8 - The Brandt Store
H.L Brandt's General Merchandise

       The site at the Northeast corner of Main and Water Streets was originally occupied by Sam Culley's Orion Saloon until it burned in 1909. D.L Brandt replaced it with the present-day brick structure and operated a general merchandise store there. It then became the D.B. Jarman Department Store. When Jarman's closed in the 1920s, Brandt returned to operate the business before selling out to H.R. Pope who ran it for several years. There has since been a number of owners. including Greers Department Store in the 1950s. In 1985, it became one of the buildings incorporated into the Weston Historic District.

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Ad from the Weston Leader - 1938
W-900-1b - The Brandt-Jarman-Pope Building
on the Northeast corner of Water & Main Streets
2008 photo by Gildemeister
W-110-17b - The DB Jarman Department Store