W-110-28 - Saling & Co. Merchantile
The Saling & Co. Merchantile - 1890s

        Around 1895, Isham Saling constructed a one-story brick building on the northwest corner of Main & Franklin Streets to house his merchantile & grocery store. The building adjoined the 2-story Masonic building to the west which was occupied by the Weston Post Office and Union Pacific Express Office. In 1917, it was occupied by the Weston Garage & Ford Dealership. In 1935, the building was taken by Umatilla County for back taxes. The
City of Weston took ownership in 1936 and sold it to Eastern Oregon Canning Company to house employees of their cannery. It was then sold to F.G. Lamb & Co. (Lamb-Weston Co.)
in 1950, which then sold it to Smith Canning
& Freezing Company (now Smith Frozen Foods) in 1973. The City of Weston purchased the building in 1990 and used it for equipment storage, but their were structural problems, so the city council voted to have thebuilding demolished, which was done in January of the year 2000.

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The Saling Building at 111 East Main - ca 1916
W-110-28 - Charles McCullough collection
       VView to the northwest from the Marshall House showing the fountain monument at the intersection of East Main and Franklin Streets. In the background is the Saling building which was being used as a Ford Dealership and auto garage. Photo W-150-5 - ca 1916
Weston Leader ad - 1918
Weston Leader ad - 1885
Saling Building - W-101-3b