W-110-19B - Weston Weekly Leader Newspaper
The Weston Weekly Leader was founded
by W.L. Black and Paul D'Heirry on December 7, 1878

TTThe Weston Weekly Leader saw many publishers and editors, starting with Black and D'Heirry in 1878, Williamson and McColl in 1879, and McColl alone in 1883. Felix R. Mitchell ran the paper in 1886, Martin A. Baker and Emsley Ridenour in 1888, Baker alone in 1889, Foster and Boyd in 1890, and Bowmer in 1891. In 1893, under M.J. Harvey, the Weekly Leader underwent a name change and was called the Philistine. It became the Weston Weekly Leader once more in 1896, when Clark Wood took over. Wood left in 1913, lured away by Charles Samuel "Sam" Jackson, founder of the Oregon Journal. After a year, Wood returned to the Weston Weekly Leader, writing, "In the city, the average man is a unit, in the country an individual."

Pictured above is publisher & editor Clark Wood - ca 1910

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In 1891, the Weston Weekly Leader was located on the second story of the Slipman & Co. building
which was located on the Southwest corner of Water and Main Streets.
Weston Weekly Leader
& Publisher
Clark Wood