W-110-18 - Watts & Rogers Hardware-Implements-Lumber
       The brick structure at the Northwest corner of Franklin and Main was built around 1874 by Isham Saling, and known as the Saling Building. It housed the Saling & Reese Store, and survived the fires of 1975 and 1883. By 1890, George Proebstel had established a hardware-farm implement-lumber store there, which was later bought out by Dr. FD Watts and EC Rogers; and then around 1920, purchased by the Jones Bros who offered the same goods and services.

       The building survives today and is part of the Weston Historic District.

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W-800-19 - Weston Leader ad - 1890
W-10-22b - Jones & Jones Hardware-Farm Implements-Lumber - ca 1920
W-800-31 - Weston Leader ad - 1914
W-800-43 - Weston Leader ad - 1916
W-800-49 - Weston Leader ad - 1920
W-800-49 - Weston Leader ad - 1917
W-900-6b - The 1874 Saling & Reese Building
2008 photo by Gildemeister