W-110-6 - The Marshall House
The Marshall House & Weston Merchantile Company

        In 1885, Froome & Son were proprietors of The Marshall House, a hotel and restaurant located at the SE corner of Franklin & Main Streets. Fred J. Carlyle became proprietor in 1886, and then John D. Bower in 1891. In 1918, the Weston Merchantile Company occupied the western side of the building's lower floor. The office and residence of Dr. William McKinney was located on the upper floor. After the stock market crash in 1929, the building was taken over by Umatilla County for unpaid back taxes, with the building being torn down in the early 1930s by WPA workers. The site was later the location of the Richfield Gas Station, which was later replaced by the US Post Office building in 1960.

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1885 ad from the Weston Leader
1918 ad from the Weston Leader
The Marshall House and Weston Livery Stable on East Main Street