W-110-4b - Weston Market
Weston Market at SE corner of Main & Water Streets
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Weston Market ads from the Weston Leader - 1943
       This building was constructed around 1895 and housed the George Hayes Saloon before becoming
the Weston Market, providing local residents with groceries and fresh meats. With introduction of the
Union Pacific and Blue Line Stage routes in the 1930s, it became know as The Terminal, a hub for passengers traveling by bus. In the 1940s, it was occupied by J.L. Hass & Co. which supplied groceries
fresh meat to its customers.
Weston Meat Market ad from the Weston Leader - 1880
Weston Market ad - 1914
The Terminal ads from the Weston Leader - 1937-38
The 1895 Hayes Saloon, 1900s Weston Market, and 1930s Terminal building - 2008