W-150-8 - Weston Fountain
Weston Fountain Monument at Franklin & East Main Streets
The Marshall House and Weston Livery Stable in the background.

       Constructed at the intersection of Franklin and Main Street in 1902,
the fountain became a hazard to automotive traffic in the 1950s, so was
removed, but then restored in 1974, afterwhich it was placed in a small memorial park at the SW corner of Main and Water Streets.

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W-150-4 - The Fountain and Farmers Bank of Weston - view southwest at Franklin & Main
W-150-5 - View of the Fountain from The Marshall House on Main Street
W-150-6- The Fountain, Farmers Bank, The Weston Store, and Weston Saloon on Main Street
W-150-7- View of the Fountain, The Marshall House, and Weston Livery Stable .
W-900 - 150-4, 6, & 7 - The Boy and Fish Fountain was restored in 1975
and then placed in a small Memorial Park on the Southwest corner of Main and Water Streets,
2008 photos by Gildemeister