W-100-1B - Weston, Oregon Panorama
        A cropped portion of the panoramic photo taken by O.G Allen of Pendleton, Oregon - ca 1910

The photo point is from the hillside west of town, viewing easterly up Main Street which lies above the "Weston ORE" overprint.

Clearly visible is the Weston Cemetery with its lone fir tree on the hillside to the left and above town,
the row of chuches bordering the cultivated field in the forground, the multi-storied State Normal School in the center of the photo,
and the Weston Graded School building at the far right of the photo behind the barn at the edge of the field.

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WW-100-1 - cropped portion of Weston Townsite

Orla Green "O.G." Allen - photographer - ca 1910