The Weston, Oregon Public Library Photo Archive contains about 426 photo images, 7 maps, and 60 Weston Weekly Leader newspaper display ads.
      This digital archive is dedicated to the memory of Margaret Sutherland, who took special interest in collecting and preserving local history and photo images while serving as the City Librarian from 1955 until her retirement in 1995, and to Kathleen Schmidtgall who took over as City Librarian in 1995, and has carried on to preserve and expand the archive.
      Over the past 3 decades the photo images have been preserved on film, and then transferred to digital format for preservation and usage. Over the years the images have been restored, and selected images have been enlarged for wall decor in the Library to showcase the local history. In the year 2000, many of the photo images were printed and inserted into two large albums available for public viewing, and in 2009, many of the photo images were used to create a 48-minute DVD "My Home Town" which presents the rich history of Weston, Oregon and the surrounding area. That DVD is available for checkout at the library.
      This online digital archive has been created for vistors to readily preview and puruse the photo collection. It is divided by subject matter categories which follow below. Each category is linked to a category page which contains all such images in the collection. Then, each image can be viewed in larger format with information added pertaining to that image. Many of the photos have not been identified, but have been included as they are subjects of such special interest and are fine examples depicting an era of early-day local history.

       It is to be noted that special credit needs to be given to the following, as this archive project would not have been possible without their interest and support: Friends of the Weston Public Library, grant funding from the Umatilla County Cultural Coalition and the Athena-Weston Education and Resource Enhancement Plan [AWERE}, and the CS Jackson Fund.
Also, a special thank you to all of people who so willingly shared their family photos for library use.

       Regarding usage of photos from this archive, following is the Weston Public Library policy and restrictions: Images from the archive may be used for personal purposes without restriction. Any plans for commercial usage must be submitted to the Weston Public Library for approval, and any fees must be paid prior to any planned usage. Prints from the photo archive can be purchased by contacting the Library by e-mail at:

Weston Public Library

or by telephone at: 541-566-2378

Weston, Oregon panorama
Weston, Oregon Main Street - 1800s
Hotel Royal
Weston, Oregon Gommunity Building
Rawhide School
Dunkard Church - Weston, Oregon
Weston, Oregon Cemetery
W-100 series - Weston Overview
Main Street - Business
Public Buildings - Parks
Schools - Churches - Cemetery
W-100 series - Weston Overview
W-101 Series - Main Street
W-120 series - Business
W-120 - Public Buildings
W-130 series - Schools
W-140 series - Churches
W-160 series - Cemetery
W-200 series - Transportation
& Buggy - Freight Wagon
Motor Car - Railroad
Routes of Travel
Horse & Buggy
O'Harra Delivery Wagon
Overland Touring Car
Train 136
W-201 - Horse & Buggy
W-202 series - Freight Wagon
W- 210 series - Motor Car
W-220 series - Railroad
W-300 series - People
Children - Women - Men
Couples - Families - Groups
W-400 series - Residence
Tipi - Cabin
& Ranches
W-500 series - Industry
Manufacturing - Forest
Agriculture - Century Farms
W-600 series - Recreation
Horse Riding - Sleigh
Swimming - Biking
Sports - Band
W-700 series - Maps
W-800 series - News & Events

Weston Leader Newspaper

Local Events - Display Ads

Margaret Sutherland
of the Weston Library
Historic Photo Archive
W-301 - Children
W-310 - Women
W-320 - Men
W-330 Couples
W-340 - Families
W-350 - Groups
W-401 - Tipi
W-800 - News - Events
W-402 - Homestead
W-410 - Houses
W-500 - Industry
W-510 - Forest-Logging
W-521 - Wheat
W-523 - Farming
W-524 Potatoes
W-525 - Peas
W-530 - Century Farms
W-611 - Horse Riding
W-6 15 - Outdoor Play
W- 616 Picnic
W-621 - Band
W-630 - Sports
W-700 - Maps
W-230 series - Routes
Weston Weekly Leader
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W-150 series
Park - Fountain
W-800 - Display Ads
W-401 - Cabin
W-100a - Weston Overview Category
W-200 - Transportation Category
W-300 - Our People Category
W-500 - Industry Category
W-600 - Recreation Category
W-700 - Maps Category
W-100b - Weston School - Church - Cemetery
W-530 - Century Farms Category
W-900 series - Weston 2008

Weston Overview
Historic District

W-900 - Weston 2008
Weston Historic District
City Hall - Farmers Bank of Weston
Opera House - Community Hall
W-900 - 11
Weston Public Library
W-900 - 150-6
Restored Fountain
W-900 - 14b - Old Saloon
W-900 - 140-2
Dunkard - Community Church
W-900 - 165-1
Weston Cemetery
W-400 - residence
W-800 - News & Events Category
W-800 - Newspaper Ads